People make the
world go round

Paper, well… it can be useful, but it’s limited.

It’s 2D for starters.
Siloed. Stuck in its ways.
And it doesn’t adapt well to people making changes.
Or thoughts developing.
Or people that want to work together,
that are separated by time or distance.

Isn’t it time we put it in the waste paper basket of history?

Let’s take the essence of paper.
What it’s for – getting stuff done.
And turn it into something a bit more visible.
Collaborative. Smarter.

Something personable.
That reduces double-ups.
Lays a job out before you.
Shows everyone the same thing so there’s no blindspots. And provides focus in this busy world,
so you can get things done quicker and more easily.

We’re here to help people avoid getting lost in the ‘paper maze’. And to give them a new, more powerful, and yet far simpler way forward.