Simpli is a bespoke software solution, designed
specifically for local councils. Based on
Collaboration Point, it brings the building
consents process online, removes paperwork,
and cuts customer wait times dramatically.

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We were selected to develop a deposit portal for building consents documents and data.

But there was no existing consensus on standards for building consents. This was a huge planning and logistical challenge.

Communicating between different authorities could also be extremely time consuming, adding up to operational cost and time overruns. And that was bad news for customers.

NZ's first one-to-many portal for councils

Our answer was to use Collaboration Point as the foundational platform, and then develop bespoke aspects of it to create Simpli – NZ’s first ever one-to-many portal for councils.

A truly end-to-end system

In effect Simpli helped codify the entire building consents process from start to finish, with consistency and quality built-in.

This required more than just software development and integration services. It needed an understanding of the needs of the organisation, and the entire permissions process, across multiple agencies.

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