Business Portal Solutions

- Business Portal Functions, UI And API V1.0

Nuwave Software offer market leading solutions for commercial and public sector facing online portals. Our rapid Development model has delivered financial and technical benefits to a broad range of stakeholders.

Why invest in a Portal?

As more and more business gets done online, organisations benefit from consolidating online transactions in a way that delivers trust and reliability in a manner that puts users at the center of the online digital experience.

While each business is different and has different needs, their people need to feel safe and that their experience is valued.

Nuwave Software has developed an online business portal framework that can open up your organisations online offering to:

  • Interact with your Customers
  • Partner organisations
  • Your administration staff,  and/or
  • External systems and cloud solutions that support your business.

 The Nuwave Framework™ comes with a number of ready-to-use functions that will immediately unleash the power of your business online:

User Experience

Whether it be a desktop, tablet, touch, or mobile device, we design portals to have a fully responsive user interface. Pages, menus and forms will scale correctly irrespective of the screen size of the device being used.

Our solution was built so that your users can access your business, anytime, anywhere from any device!

Security and Privacy

Access and sign-ups are performed through Users and Accounts; each Account has one or more Users typically from the same organisation. There is also the ability to have sub-accounts, which can cater for organisations that have two or more offices or outlets. When multiple business functions are involves and especially across multiple partner organisations.

Sign-ups and Log-ins

Before allowing access to the business portal, new users and organisations will be taken through a simple, signup process, which is based on currently accepted industry standards. The business portal can be configured to allow active account to be create immediately or will mark them as pending until owner either authorisation and/or signup payment made.

Password resets for users are conducted through an automatic process, that remove the need for administrative support assistance.

Invoicing and Payments

Invoices send through the eCommerce engine can be personally branded.

Accounts for first time purchasers can be automatically created. This will allow return visitors to easily repurchase, remember previous orders, view / download previous invoices, and records previous delivery and billing addresses.

Payment Gateways

Our business portal solutions have access to several gateways and payment solution providers within New Zealand, namely:

  • DPS
  • Paystation (including POLi)
  • eGate
  • PayPal
  • and also a cash payments option

Roles and Privileges

Roles can be assigned to all participating users on the system. Access rights and privileges can be allocated (or restricted) according to a user’s role and can be applied for the purposes such as:

  • Privileged access to administrative functions or portal functions
  • To view, or edit information within forms
  • The ability to access reports or export data
  • The ability to manage users within an account
  • The ability to upload files
  • The ability manage products, prices and content
  • [and many more]

Security and Authentication

Security and authentication are one of the foundational elements of the Nuwave Framework™ and takes into account todays online security considerations.

  • The online consenting site can manage all transactions securely over SSL and browsers can be forced to use the HTTPS protocol
  • Secure login, accounts, roles and privileges
  • Secure user pages, which restricted content and documents can be published, but only accessible by privileged users
  • Implemented with standard Apache, PHP and MySQL deployment
  • Data-security, intrusion and DDoS attacks
  • Hosted by trusted data-centre supplier to give a secure and stable online environment

Messages and Notifications

 A core function of online portals is to send out notifications to Users, Accounts or Groups when events of particular interest occur.

For example, a portal owner is notified when a new user has signed up to the portal. You may also wish a welcome message or information pack to be sent after signup. Our messaging and notification system allows the customisation and personalisation of your business portal to maximise customer retention, and better support of users using the system.

Resource and Document Upload

Each account can have its own unique file and document upload area. Resource upload areas are kept separate and distinct from other accounts, so that accounts file access can be restricted on an account by account basis.

It is possible to use integrated file and document storage systems such as Dropbox, which will remove the need to complex document management systems to be used and gives customers the ability of managing their own documents.

Other advantages of using systems like Dropbox is that they are cost effective, secure and proven solutions, which allow the scalability of your own business portal.

Forms, Surveys and Reports

The Nuwave Framework™ had a powerful drag-and-drop form builder facility that will allow your organisation to publish customised online forms, surveys and reports.

Data from the submission of forms and surveys are captured in a database. In addition to this submission data and notifications can be emailed to customers to receipt the submission, and also send to customer support staff for processing.

Captured data can then be used for further processing, FTP'd or exported into other formats such as CSV or PDF.

eCommerce and Products

eCommerce is a core element to performing business online these days. The Nuwave Framework™ has a powerful eCommerce engine that can allow hundreds or even thousands of products to be managed online.

The eCommerce engine can be configured to allow a number of product display options:

  • Product Showcase- allowing site visitors view products online only (no pricing)
  • Product Enquires - allowing visitors to make enquiries about different products
  • Online Ordering- enables organisations to receive orders online without a payment facility
  • Full Retail Solution - enables a full shopping cart, checkout, shipping and payment facility

 These options cater for the large variations in the ways online purchases are performed over the Internet. Not all products can be purchased like a T-shirt online; some products are very complex and require a series of elaborate questions, while other organisations prefer to take online orders, giving them the opportunity to engage with customers directly and potentially upsell their products and services.

Workflow and Tasks

An advanced feature of the Nuwave Platform™ is its ability to perform complex processes through its workflow engine. This allows tasks to flow through a sequencing of steps to provide a specific outcome. Criteria can be checked before a task is transitioned to another stage, and actions can be performed (such as notifications) when a task has moved to the next stage.


There is usually a strong requirement for any online portal to have some sort of support mechanism integrated into it. Nuwave Framework™ can be easily integrated with a support desk system such as Freshdesk or Zendesk.

This will provide a support facility for all users in the whether they be customers, visitors or even your own staff. A tiered support system can be established so that requests can be logged, actioned, and closed,  seamlessly and efficiently.

Telco-Grade Scalability

The Nuwave Framework™ has been architected to achieve telco-grade scalability. By this we mean we can configure the framework to work across multiple (load balanced) web servers, with a high-performance, replicated backend database.

Nuwave has extensive industry experience in architecting and deployment of highly complex solutions for in telecommunication environments, which employ multiple redundancy options, are specified to achieve 99.999% availability and large-volume throughputs.


All Nuwave solutions are hosted on their own VPS servers using trusted commerce data-centres. It is possible for organisations to have their own portal solution hosted on their own managed servers or VPS.


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