Business Portal Solutions

- Business Portal Functions, UI And API V1.0

Nuwave Software offer market leading solutions for commercial and public sector facing online portals. Our rapid Development model has delivered financial and technical benefits to a broad range of stakeholders.

Why invest in a Portal?

Globally and across New Zealand, industry has reached a tipping point - more and more business gets done online. As more work gets done online it becomes crucially important for businesses to have a centralised ‘hub’ - a portal - through which they can consolidate their online interactions. Portals ensure that business interactions are trusted, people's needs are at the center of their online digital experience, and that organisations achieve predictable, consistent costs in managing those transactions. Businesses also benefit from having their customers, partners, employees, and suppliers feel safe and that their experience is valued.

In a world disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic, this need is greater than ever before. This is why our solutions power some of New Zealand’s key government and private sector processes.

Nuwave software has crafted this portal framework to meet the specific needs of

  • business customers
  • parter organisations
  • employees, contractors and support staff
  • external technology solutions that support your business.

As a business owner or technology services manager, you will enjoy the sheer simplicity of our design, planning, deployment, and operations of our portal solutions.

We have crafted a framework for digital portals which offers market-leading features that are fit for purpose for the most demanding and engaging government, commercial, and community-oriented needs.

User Experience

Our portals offer a fully responsive user experience. This means that users will see a consistent experience across all devices - desktops, tablets, phones, and other mobile products. Pages, menus, and forms will appear in beautiful proportions regardless of the device being used. This enables your customers to interact with your company anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Security and Privacy

Our portal solutions are designed from the ground up on strong security and privacy principles. Your staff and customers can be confident in our solutions, care, diligence and expertise needed for operating highly secure systems. Here are some key features:

Access and Account Management: By default, our portals provide sophisticated controls for sign-ups when new accounts are created.

For example, we support your organisation’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. Accounts can have sub-accounts and you can dedicate sub-accounts, for example, to specific office locations or partner organisations. We cater to multiple locations and transactions that span many functions across multiple partner organisations. Our clients appreciate how simple our account management features are to manage and maintain!

Use our privacy and security features to ensure compliance with your GDPR or Privacy Act obligations.


If your customers need to pay you as part of their interaction process, our electronic commerce (e-commerce) features are robust, flexible and simple to operate and administer. We support all market use cases for e-commerce:

  • Product Showcase - allowing site visitors view products online only (no pricing)
  • Product Enquires - allowing visitors to make enquiries about different products
  • Online Ordering - enables organisations to receive orders online without a payment facility
  • Full Retail Solution - enables a full shopping cart, checkout, shipping and payment facility
  • Custom - please get in touch with us if your needs do not fit these standard options.

Other features of our eCommerce solution are Electronic Invoicing and Payments, Branded invoices, First time purchasers get accounts created automatically and have access to Automatic Billing History.

Our portal solutions support multiple payment gateways, including:

  • Windcave (DPS)
  • eGate
  • Paystation (and PoLi)
  • Paypal
  • Cash payments

We can also undertake integration work with your preferred customer gateway on request.

Roles and Privileges

To give you control over your portal, our portal solutions enable:

  • Role Based Access Control and Privilege Management, ensuring that Users only see/edit/manage what they need to
  • Specific controls for administrative functions enabling you to have portal autonomy without needing to pay us large consultancy fees to remain in operation
  • Fine tuned control over what portal users are allowed to do or not do, to really personalise and streamline their User Experience
  • Audit logs and accountability by default for your peace of mind
  • All of the above being Privacy aware.


  • Forced HTTPS support
  • Industrial strength protocol support. Contact us for details.
  • Built on trusted open source technology - so that there are no backdoors. Ever.

Messages and Notifications

The portal will ensure that the work keeps moving by enabling notifications and to-do checklists for users. 

  • Broad support for a range of message and notification options
  • Customise to user or administrator preferences
  • Engage, inform and retain customers thought quicker, more transparent

Radically simple, interactive Forms Builder!

We are very excited about our forms builder technology! Novice or expert users can build their own forms using drag-and-drop gestures that ‘just work’. If you have used or built forms online you will find our approach refreshingly simple and powerful.

Adapting to business rules and other types of data validation - our intuitive approach works well for business and technical users.

All data is automatically captured into a database for powerful search, analysis and reporting and publication to all popular formats: PDF, CSV.

Our Forms Builder powers some of New Zealand Government & Commerce’s most demanding needs

  • Over 35,000 Building Consent submissions since Aug 2017
  • Over 20,000 Users
  • Up to 19 City and District Councils (Territorial Authorities)
  • Over $7.69 Billion in estimated value submitted via the portal

Workflow and Tasks

Once you have built your form, our Workflow will simplify and streamline your complex business transactions.

The customer is able to submit their completed form, which can then be processed by one or more teams and progress through the stages of your process, as defined by you.

You will enjoy fine-grained control on how tasks are executed in a manner that will measure, monitor or evaluate business results so you can track the efficiency gains.

Document and Media Support

If your customers need to supply their documents to you, the portal offers a dedicated, secure online space for unstructured content such as Files, Media. You can further manage these by defining file types, for example "Architectural Plans", if required.

The portal supports Cloud storage integration.

Industrial-grade and scalable: Users can store large volumes of data, if required.


Nuwave solutions deliver a support experience that users, visitors, business and technical staff enjoy. Our solutions are highly configurable and can be easily integrated with a support desk system such as Freshdesk or Zendesk.

Telco-Grade Scalability

All our solutions benefit from our passion for technology. Each portal product comes shipped with top build-quality! Our portals are highly configurable - we support:

  • Front-end scalability.
  • Back-end scalability.
  • Caching and Content Delivery Network (CDN) optimisations
  • Failover resilience and resilience - to events that outside of our direct control
  • 99.999% availability.


Nuwave Software offers flexible deployment options.

  • Cloud Hosted offering: solutions are hosted on their own VPS servers using industry-trusted commerce data-centres.
  • On premise: we can deploy our solution on your servers on premise server or VPS.


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