Software Development

Implementation Approach

Nuwave has a well-defined and structured development process based on a phased/iterative model (Agile). This approach to implementation has proved its effectiveness over time when working to phased deliveries, incremental updates and the maintenance of existing products.


- Development Process Flow


For many portals the requirements can be relatively well defined and released in a single phase, however the Nuwave Framework™ was specifically architected to work with large and more complex portal solutions.

Requirements for these larger portal websites can be broken down into smaller, more discrete, chunks of development (sprints) and can be implemented, tested and delivered based on priority.

Research and Requirements

Research and requirements are at the forefront of all our design & development decisions, as they is crucial in the overall effectiveness of your portal solution. To know who your online customers are, what they will want from your portal and how they will use it is key to your success.

To ensure maximum value to your business, an initial research stage should be carried out to assist in structuring the new portal and maximising online opportunities.

Design Usability and Content

Our design team will work with you to provide either a professional new look for your portal and surrounding website which promotes your value online, or the continuation of your existing branding in the online space.

By giving your website a unique style which reinforces your brand and key messages, your online audience will be more likely to engage with your business.

A sitemap of the website will be compiled, outlining the structure of the new website.  Ideally the existing website pages will be reviewed and condensed prior to the rebuild stage.

From this process, optimal visitor flow and ‘call to action’ pathways can be established.

Custom Development

If any custom development is required, initial research and input from key stakeholders will be required in order to identify detailed functional requirements.

After the analysis of the technical requirements is complete, custom components can be created in parallel with the design and website build. And ready for testing at the same time.

Site Testing

One of the most important phases of software development is testing.

This phase will ensure that all deliverables function correctly across all prescribed browsers and mobile devices prior to release, and confirm to all Stakeholders that all aspects of the site are ready for Go Live, and the quality of the software release can be guaranteed.

For larger business portals, and portals that have a lot of custom development (as opposed to standard features), we recommend that a test portal is setup in parallel purely dedicated to testing. This way new features can be rigorously tested without the possibility of disruption to the 'Production' instance / users.

Go Live

After the User Testing has been signed off, the business portal can be released into ‘production’ and made live.

For new business portals, this will effectively 'open the doors for business'.

For existing portals, the Nuwave Framework™ has a modular and robust deployment mechanism. Tested updates or functional releases can be deployed from the Test instance into Production.

This phase will require the coordination of other external systems and IT teams, such as domain settings, email settings, etc. and we are here to help and support you through this process.

Other Phases / Maintenance

Just like cars and machines need maintenance to be at peak performance, it is the same for business portals. In order for business portals to remain relevant, functional and fresh, they too require updates and maintenance.

From the initial release, smaller cycles of updates can be performed to ensure your site is kept up-to-date.


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