The Pātai Portal

The Pātai Portal helped transform Transpower’s
handling of Resource Management Act compliance.

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Our client, Transpower New Zealand Limited, owns and operates the National Grid – the high voltage electricity transmission network that connects areas of generation with towns and cities across New Zealand.

Transpower relies on the Resource Management Act to prevent inappropriate land use negatively impacting the operation of its National Grid assets. As towns and cities expand, Transpower assets are increasingly under pressure from other land use activity.

Staff were faced with a rapidly increasing volume of email and phone enquiries from land users. Pressure on resourcing meant the level of service to the enquiring public, and the ability to store information didn’t meet Transpower’s own expectations.




They wished to streamline the process so they could outsource it to a contractor company.

The aim was for in-house staff to have more capacity to concentrate on difficult or technically challenging enquiries, while out-sourcing the high volume, routine enquiries.

This required us to look into multiple aspects of their service provision – including assessing whether email enquiries could be streamlined using smart forms and templated responses to save time and give more consistency to the entire process.


Customers also wanted greater transparency so they could have a deeper understanding of where they were at in a process, and how long it would take to obtain Transpower’s advice or approval as part of the Resource Consent process.

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